By Maria

5 Nov 25, 2019

Beyond Satisfied - Highly Recommend!

Where do I begin?! It took me about a year before I found iOPW Inc. - a year of pain and wasted time and money with other service providers who promised me 'bells and whistles' for my online presence. In less than 6 months, I am so proud of the website I now have and which will continue to grow with my branding presence. As a business owner with a growth strategy, it's critical to find the right providers to collaborate with. Very thankful for iOPW Inc (Dorota and the fabulous behind the scenes team) who kept me within my budget, well informed, educated about all things tech/behind the scenes to online presence; and at my core genius while involving me in the creative process for my brand presence. I would highly recommend this service/team for best service, price, efficiency, innovative support and eliminating unnecessary pain and mystery, when it comes to enhancing/creating your online presence! They're with you every step of the way!